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(together with Felix Pohle) Economic Modelling, forthcoming and IWH Discussion Paper 28/2017 Abstract: Income inequality has been a major concern of economic policy makers for several years. Can minimum wages help to mitigate inequality? In 2015, the German government introduced …

Employment Effects of Introducing a Minimum Wage: The Case of Germany Read More »

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(together with Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch) IWH Discussion Paper 4/2019. Abstract We use the World Input Output Database (WIOD) to estimate the potential employment effects of a hard Brexit in 43 countries. In line with other studies we assume that imports from …

Potential International Employment Effects of a Hard Brexit Read More »

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IWH Press Release 22/2016, 9 June 2016 In 2016, the moderate upswing of the German economy continues. Incomes grow due to the steady expansion in employment, and the fall in energy prices has propped up the purchasing power of private …

The German Economy Benefits from Strong Domestic Demand Read More »

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