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(together with Pao-Yu Oei, Hauke Hermann, Philipp Herpich, Benjamin, Lünenbürger and Christoph Schult), Energy – The International Journal, Volume 196, 2020, 117004. Abstract: The present study examines the consequences of the planned coal phase-out in Germany according to various phase-out …

Coal Phase-out in Germany – Implications and Policies for Affected Regions Read More »

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(together with Felix Pohle) Economic Modelling, forthcoming and IWH Discussion Paper 28/2017 Abstract: Income inequality has been a major concern of economic policy makers for several years. Can minimum wages help to mitigate inequality? In 2015, the German government introduced …

Employment Effects of Introducing a Minimum Wage: The Case of Germany Read More »

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(together with Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch) IWH Discussion Paper 4/2019. Abstract We use the World Input Output Database (WIOD) to estimate the potential employment effects of a hard Brexit in 43 countries. In line with other studies we assume that imports from …

Potential International Employment Effects of a Hard Brexit Read More »

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(together with Tobias Knedlik and Axel Lindner), Intereconomics 53(6), 2018, 316-319. Abstract: The intention for the Italian government to stimulate business activity via large increases in government spending is not in line with the stabilisation of the public debt ratio. …

On the Risk of a Sovereign Debt Crisis in Italy Read More »

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How Can We Boost Competition in the Services Sector?

(Ed.) Baden-Baden: Nomos, 270 pages Abstract: ‘How Can We Boost Competition in the Services Sector?’ is a key question in the process of creating a more effi-cient economic environment in Germany. This book contains a collection of conference contributions on …

How Can We Boost Competition in the Services Sector? Read More »

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(together with Martin Altemeyer-Bartscher, Axel Lindner, Andreas Schmalzbauer und Götz Zeddies), in: Intereconomics 51(4), 2016, 220-228 Abstract: The current situation regarding the migration of refugees can only be handled efficiently through closer international cooperation in the field of asylum policy. …

On the Distrubution of Refugees in the EU Read More »

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