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(together with Steven Devaney and Rainer Schulz), IWH Discussion Paper 15/2012 Abstract: Informationally efficient prices are a necessary requirement for optimal resource allocation in the real estate market. Prices are informationally efficient if they reflect buildings’ benefit to marginal buyers, …

Efficiency in the UK Commercial Property Market: A Long-run Perspective Read More »

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(together with Maike Irrek and Birgit Schultz), IWH Discussion Paper 11/2012 Abstract: Many economic decisions implicitly or explicitly rely on a projection of the medium- or long-term economic development of a country or region. In this paper, we provide a …

A Federal Long-run Projection Model for Germany Read More »

(together with Sushanta Mallick), Economic Modelling 34, 2013, 5-14 Abstract: Based on 69 sample countries, this paper examines the effect of macroeconomic fundamentals on real effective exchange rates (REER) in these sample countries.

(together with Sebastian Giesen, Juliane Scharff and Rolf Scheufele), Economic Modelling 29, 2012, 1461-1472 Abstract: In this paper we develop an open economy model explaining the joint determination of output, inflation, interest rates, unemployment and the exchange rate in a …

The Halle Economic Projection Model Read More »

(together with Götz Zeddies), Empirica, Journal of European Economics 40, 2013, 197-214 Abstract: The introduction of the Euro has been accompanied by the hope that international competition between EMU member states would increase due to higher price transparency. This paper …

Has the Euro Increased International Price Elasticities? Read More »

(together with Mathias Hoffmann), Scandinavian Journal of Economics 112, 2010, 127-161 Abstract: We discuss how the welfare ranking of fixed and flexible exchange rate regimes in a New Open Economy Macroeconomics model depends on the interplay between the degree of …

Transmission of Nominal Exchange Rate Changes to Export Prices and Trade Flows in Europe Read More »

(together with Rainer Schulz), German Economic Review 11, 2010, 465-486 Abstract: We analyze the behavior of investors in the Berlin rental apartment house market over the years 1980–2004.

International Economics and Economic Policy 2, 2005, 33-63 Abstract: This paper analyzes deviations from uncovered interest rate parity which are interpreted as indicator of the substitutability of currencies.

Empirical Economics 29, 2004, 553-574 Abstract: In this paper, a vector error correction model for Euro area money, prices, output, long-term interest rate and short-term interest rate with three identified cointegration relations is specified.

Applied Economics Quarterly 49, 2003, 359-381 Abstract: In this paper, the empirical relevance of the credit channel for the explanation of monetary policy transmission in Germany during the period from 1985 to 1998 is analyzed.