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(together with Sebastian Giesen, Juliane Scharff and Rolf Scheufele), Economic Modelling 29, 2012, 1461-1472 Abstract: In this paper we develop an open economy model explaining the joint determination of output, inflation, interest rates, unemployment and the exchange rate in a …

The Halle Economic Projection Model Read More »

(together with Götz Zeddies), Empirica, Journal of European Economics 40, 2013, 197-214 Abstract: The introduction of the Euro has been accompanied by the hope that international competition between EMU member states would increase due to higher price transparency. This paper …

Has the Euro Increased International Price Elasticities? Read More »

(together with Mathias Hoffmann), Scandinavian Journal of Economics 112, 2010, 127-161 Abstract: We discuss how the welfare ranking of fixed and flexible exchange rate regimes in a New Open Economy Macroeconomics model depends on the interplay between the degree of …

Transmission of Nominal Exchange Rate Changes to Export Prices and Trade Flows in Europe Read More »

(together with Rainer Schulz), German Economic Review 11, 2010, 465-486 Abstract: We analyze the behavior of investors in the Berlin rental apartment house market over the years 1980–2004.

International Economics and Economic Policy 2, 2005, 33-63 Abstract: This paper analyzes deviations from uncovered interest rate parity which are interpreted as indicator of the substitutability of currencies.

Empirical Economics 29, 2004, 553-574 Abstract: In this paper, a vector error correction model for Euro area money, prices, output, long-term interest rate and short-term interest rate with three identified cointegration relations is specified.

Applied Economics Quarterly 49, 2003, 359-381 Abstract: In this paper, the empirical relevance of the credit channel for the explanation of monetary policy transmission in Germany during the period from 1985 to 1998 is analyzed.

Jahrbücher für National­ökonomie und Statistik (Journal of Economics and Statistics) 223, 2003, 257-278 Abstract: This paper contributes to the analysis of the money supply process in Germany during the period of monetary targeting by the Bundesbank from 1975-1998.