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(together with Tobias Knedlik and Axel Lindner), Intereconomics 53(6), 2018, 316-319. Abstract: The intention for the Italian government to stimulate business activity via large increases in government spending is not in line with the stabilisation of the public debt ratio. …

On the Risk of a Sovereign Debt Crisis in Italy Read More »

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(together with Roland Döhrn, Claus Michelsen, Stefan Kooths and Timo Wollmershäuser), Wirtschaftsdienst 98(10), 2018, 718-721. Abstract: The economic upturn in Germany is entering its sixth year but is losing momentum due to both demand and supply side factors. On the …

Upturn Loses Momentum – World Economic Climate Grows Harsher Read More »

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(with Reint Gropp), IWH Online 8/2015, 1-14 Abstract: In a recent IWH online note, the IWH suggested that due to “flight to safety” effects, Germany was able to issue government debt at lower rates than otherwise would have been possible. …

Interest Benefits from the Debt Crisis to the German Budget Read More »

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(together with Claudia M. Buch), in: Nowotny, E, Ritzberger-Grünwald, D., Backé, P.: Financial Cycles and the Real Economy. Lessons for CESEE Countries, Edward Elgar, 2014 (and: IWH Discussion Paper 8/2014) Abstract: The economic and financial crisis that emerged in 2008 …

Do We Need New Modelling Approaches in Macroeconomics? Read More »

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Guest article Irish Examiner, January 2, 2013 The debt crisis in some member states of the European Monetary Union shows once more how closely related bank crises and sovereign debt crises are. However, the details of the crises in the …

Many observers have appreciated the Irish response to the crisis Read More »

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